What is HIBERNET & Struts ?

HIBERNET is the framework designed to work for front end & back-end connectivity. Hibernate provide all the features required to connect with the backend and perform all the required database operations. STRUTS is very popular framework in Java. This framework is MVC based and is widely used in the Software Development field.


Entry Profile Exit Profile
Knowledge of Core Java concepts and their implementation Will have Strong concepts of Hibernate Framework.
Knowledge of JDBC Able to develop your own application using this Framework

Will this course useful for my Career?

Absolutely yes. This course will make you very strong in backend programming using JEE framework and on top of this you can explore many different career options.

When I can join this course?

  • You can start learning Hibernate after Advance Java
  • When preparing for technical interviews
  • Start learning software development.

What options I can choose after this course:

  • Start Struts Frameworks
  • Learn Spring Frameworks
  • Learn Web Serivces
  • Learn Android

What content will be covered in this course?

Introduction of Hibernate

  • Object to Relational Mapping, Why Hibernate, Architecture of Hibernate, SessionFactory, Session (org.hibernate.Session), Persistent objects and collections, Transient and detached objects and collections, Transaction (org.hibernate.Transaction), Instance states (Transient, Persistent, Detached)

Association Mapping

  • Unidirectional associations, Many-to-one, One-to-one Association, Collection based associations, one-to-many / many-to-one association, Bidirectional one-to-many / many-to-one association

Inheritance Mapping

  • Mapping class inheritance, Using Table per class hierarchy method, Using Table Per Subclass Method, Using Table Per Concrete class Method.

Hibernate Query Language

  • Hibernate Query Language, Why to use HQL, Understanding HQL Syntax, Preparing tables for HQL (from clause, Select, Count Query, Where Clause, Group by and Order by Clause).

Hibernate Criteria Queries

  • Narrowing Records, Using between criteria (with integer), Using between criteria (with date), Using eq, lt, gt, or, and criteria, Hibernate Native SQL.

Hibernate Annotation’s

  • Introduction to Annotations Marking a POJO as persistent entity, Defining Table, Mapping simple properties, Declaring column attributes, Mapping identifier properties, Generating the identifier property, Mapping entity associations/relationships, One-to-one, Many-to-one, Collections, One-to-many,

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