What is Java Technology?

Java is most popular software development technology that provides comprehensive features for the developers to build enterprise applications. Advance Java meaning Web Development using JSP (Java Server Pages), Servlet (Server Side Code) and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). You can develop web based applications using these technologies.


Entry Profile Exit Profile
Knowledge of Strong C, C++ is required. After completion of this training module the student will be able to create core java application, desktop based applications and will be able to proceed with advance java.
Will be able to qualify in SCJP exams.

Will this course useful for my Career?

Absolutely yes. This course will make you very strong in software development skills and on top of this you can explore many different career options by choosing advanced web & mobile technologies.

When I can join this course?

  • You can start learning Core Java & advance java anytime after C & C++ programming.
  • When preparing for technical interviews
  • Start learning software development.

What options I can choose after this course:

  • Start learning iOS(iPhone) Development.
  • Learn JSP/Servlet for Web Development.
  • Learn Android Technology

What content will be covered in this course?

Overview of Core Java

  • Revision of c++ [few important & highly required concepts]
  • History & versions of Java
  • Differences with C++ and oops
  • Features of Java

Language Fundamentals

  • Naming convention
  • Data Types- Primitive & User defined Operators: Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Bitwise, ++/-- etc.

Introduction to classes and objects

  • Classes and objects.
  • Passing and returning of objects
  • String class and its methods
  • Arrays(1d and 2d), For each loop
  • Variable arguments (VARAGS), Wrapper classes [unboxing & auto unboxing]

Access Modifiers and Inheritance

  • Different access modifiers
  • static, abstract, final, synchronized, transient, native and volatile.
  • Simple, Multilevel, Hierarchical inheritance
  • Arrays(1d and 2d), For each loop
  • Variable arguments (VARAGS), Wrapper classes [unboxing & auto unboxing]

Packages and Interfaces

  • Concept of packages
  • Creating User defined java packages
  • Interface [concept & utility], Implementing
  • interfaces
  • Multiple inheritance using interface


  • The main thread
  • Thread methods, Thread Life Cycle
  • Thread by extending thread class
  • Thread by implementing Runnable
  • Using isAlive and join methods
  • Priority of threads
  • Thread Synchronization
  • Blocking Thread with Wait & notify

Generics and Collection Framework [util package]

  • Generics classes & methods
  • Collection interface
  • List, ArrayList, LinkedList
  • Map, HashMap, Set, HashSet
  • Stack and Queue
  • Scanner and Formatter class

Exception Handling

  • Exception mechanism in Java
  • Syntax, Runtime, Logical, Linking errors
  • Simple, Multilevel, Hierarchical inheritance
  • Checked & Unchecked exceptions

I/O Stream Classes & File class [io package]

  • The java I/O Stream classes, Byte streams
  • Character streams
  • File output stream, File input stream,File writer, File reader
  • Data input and output stream
  • Object input and output streams
  • Buffered Reader and Writer
  • System.in and System.out objects
  • Serialization & Deserialization


  • Applets: Html basics, Simple Applets, passing parameters to applets, Using AWT components in Applet.

Abstract Window tool kit(AWT)

  • AWT hierarchy, Frame, Button, Label, CheckBox, TextArea, TextField, Choice & List, Scrollbar, ScrollPane, Menubar & Popup Menu, panel
  • Event Handling Using- Listener interfaces, Adapter classes, anonymous inner classes
  • Layout managers: Flow, Border, Grid & Card Layouts

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