What is Focused ?


Online-Focused module is designed for those students they are comfortable at foundation level like C++,DS,RDBMS basics and web foundation.This program helps student to develop a strong technical foundation with dual specialization for meeting the core requirements of the job demands in IT industry. With a comprehensive 120 Hour’s internship (Industry Module) student can look forward to rigorous projects for practical learning, along with an emphasis on aptitude, Verbal Communication and Soft skills.

Type Origin
Duration 6 Months
Daily Schedule 6 Hrs
Technology Track Dual
Career Options Web + Mobile
Course Contents
  • Java Track
    • Core Java
    • JSP/Servlet/JDBC
    • Struts/Hibernate
  • .NET Track
    • C#
    • ASP.NET
    • MVC & WCF
  • Android Track
    • Core Java
    • Android
  • PHP Track
    • Core PHP
    • CMS
Web Design HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Aptitude Complete Course
Database Complete Course
GD-PI Complete Course
Mock Interviews 5 Mock Interviews
Placement Assistance Unlimited Calls

Online facilitates its students to decide on any dual-specialization combination as per their interest and course availability at Online. Like:- J2EE + S/w Testing | J2EE + Android | J2EE + Data Warehousing | Android + S/w Testing | . Net + Data Warehousing

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