What is C++ Programming?


C & C++ are the base programming languages to build strong logics & programming concepts. These languages are the foundation of Software Development field.


Entry Profile Exit Profile
C Programming skills is required. Will get success in any technical exam of MNC.
Will be prepared for enterprise level applications such as Java /Visual Studio .NET/PHP.

Will this course useful for my Career?

Absolutely yes.This course will make you very strong in programming skills and on top of this you can explore many different career options by choosing advanced technologies.

When I can join this course?

  • You can start learning C & C++ programming anytime after 10th class.
  • When preparing for technical interviews
  • Start learning software development.

What options I can choose after this course:

  • Start learning iOS(iPhone) Development.
  • Learn Java Technology & Frameworks
  • Learn Microsoft.NET
  • Learn Android

What content will be covered in this course?

Introduction of C++

  • Procedural Vs OOP, Concept of Classes and objects, Encapsulation, AbstractionInheritance, Polymorphism, Reference Variables, Default Arguments, Member Functions, Inline Function.
  • Call by Reference ,Call by Value, Call by Address, Structure vs. Class
  • Passing and Returning Objects from Class, Access Specifiers with examples.

Constructor & Destructor

  • Default, Parameterized, Copy, Dynamic Constructor and Destructor, operators-new and delete.
  • Scope Resolution Operator (::), Static Data Members and Member Functions with examples.

Overloading & Type Conversion

  • Function Overloading & Friend Functions, Defining operator overloading, Rules for Overloading
  • Overloading Unary, Binary Operator and Using Friend Function.
  • Manipulating Strings Using Operators.Type Conversion.


  • Defining Base and Derived Classes, Single, Multilevel,Constructors in Inheritance.
  • Multiple, Hierarchical, Hybrid Inheritance, Virtual Base Classes with examples.


  • Early Vs Late Binding. Pointer to Class, this pointer, Pointer to Base Class.
  • Virtual Function, Pure-Impure Virtual Function and Abstract Classes with examples.
  • Exception Handling

    • Exception Handling Fundamentals, try, catch, and throw Keywords with Examples.


    • Templates [Concept & Definition], Implementation of Template Functions, Class Templates and their examples.

    I/O Basics, Manipulators and File Handling

    • Standard Streams, formatting output with standard ios functions and Manipulators, Formatted and Unformatted I/O Functions.
    • Classes for File Stream Operation.

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