What is Academic ?


Online-Academic is a industry based learning framework for bridging the skill gap of students while they are continuing their college. This program can be integrated into the academic schedule during the four continue semesters without affecting the academic calendar of the students. We give strong focus on the Basic IT foundation, Dual specialization in chosen technologies domain along with the aptitude, communication and behavioral skills. After the successful completion of this program student will be Industry Ready from the very first day of their career. Candidates can enroll in the same program in 4 continuous semesters ( 3 months in each semesters ). This program can also be conducted in the college premises without affecting the college academic calendar.

  • Daily 3 hours training in evening classes.
  • Best utilization of vacation and holidays.
  • Building solid programming foundation.
  • Expert level training on all major technical subjects.
  • All essential skills under single program.
  • Training on complete SDLC and other corporate processes.
  • Well planned test series and regular assessment of performance.
  • Individual PC allocation to each student for the program.
  • Regular seminars by IT professionals from MNC.
  • End–to–end application development in chosen technology Domain.
  • E- library & Focus on multi-platform proficiency.
  • Industry orientation & Mock interviews.

Industry orientation & Mock interviews. Dual Specialization Online facilitates its students to decide on any dual-specialization combination as per their interest and course availability at Online. Like:- J2EE + S/w Testing | J2EE + Android | J2EE + Data Warehousing |Android + S/w Testing | . Net + Data Warehousing

What content will be covered in this course?

Overview of C

  • Concept of Computer, OS and its functions, Assembler, Compiler, Interpreter, Linker, Loader.
  • Types of Languages (Machine Language, HLL, LLL), Compiling & Debugging, Character Set, Constants, Variables and Data Types, Algorithm & Flow Charts with examples.

Operators and Expression and Looping

  • Operators- Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Assignment, Increment and Decrement.
  • Conditional, Bitwise, Special Operators, Arithmetic Expression, Expression Evaluation.
  • Type Casting, Precedence Rules, If, if-else, switch statement with Problem Solving and Nesting.
  • Looping- while, do-while, for, Break, Continue, goto.

Functions and Pointer (Concept of Modular Programming)

  • Calling, Declaration of Standard and User Defined Functions, Call by value & Call by Reference, Recursion with examples.
  • Understanding Pointers, Accessing the address of a variable, declaring and initializing pointer, Pointers Arithmetic.

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