We & Vision



We are known as a Leader in Quality Training for IT in Central India.
We started our journey in the year 1995. Our Founder directors decided to setup a Quality Learning Center in Indore to help many IT Engineers & students who were looking into other Cities to get expert level training.

Online School of programming

Online School of programming is a leading technology training organization in Central India. Trained 12000+ students and professionals and continuing on the same. We have the biggest team of Professionals and Trainers with presence of four state-of-the-art centers across Indore.


The core strength of Online School of Programming is qualified, experienced and youthful team of dynamic trainers and professionals with expertise in their respective fields of operations.


Quality Training

Our vision is to deliver quality training to students & engineers so they are equipped with the required technical skills to get succeed in their Career Plan.’


We are very honest. We provide ethical Career Counseling to Students so they can follow the right path for their Career.

Many Others

Generate cutting-edge research and technology.
Enhance and produce competent professionals and engineers.
Meet the immediate trained human resource requirements of the IT & ITES Industries.
Build up technology workforce for the IT Corporate to accomplish their skilled resource necessities.
Develop entry-level human-power for the IT industry, and equip them with relevant technologies and tools with Soft skills ensure employability.
Enable the graduates to get access to high quality IT Training, so that they become employable by the IT / ITES industries.
Increases engineers & graduates Job Quotient.
Bridge the skills gap between industry and fresh graduates